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So I have this “friend”… 

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This “friend” works for a large multi-national… *dining* conglomerate.  Said conglomerate recently invested a bunch of money in a local major league soccer… arena and now the arena is named after the dining company.  They’ve even got a web site up at <company name>arena.com.

Now this company is in the middle of a hostile takeover attempt by a rival dining company and some regulatory hurdles have vanished in the past week that are making the takeover look all the more likely.  It’s quite probable that if the takeover does happen <company name> will change to <takeover company name>.

My “friend” being extremely “smart” thought it would be a good idea to buy the <takeover company name>arena.com domain this morning because it was early in the morning and the domain name was available.  (He also has a domain name buying problem but he won’t admit it.)

Is this “friend” going to get sued out of existence?


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So I’m fairly certain that I walked around the first two hours of work today with my zipper down.

I had an epiphany on the way home from work. Sometimes on the way home I drive through the city park that’s near my condo to see if there’s anything interesting to take pictures of. Today I did this. And I noticed something:

It’s getting hard to tell the homeless guys from the frisbee guys.

Seriously. Check it out next time you’re at a park.


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As Homer Simpson once said: Sweet merciful crap.

I bought my Nikon D200 at the first of March 2007. So, what’s that? Two and a half months ago?

My picture count hit 5,000 today. My early D70 archive is offline at moment so I can’t check the dates but I’m pretty sure hitting 5,000 on that body took at least a year.

I need to really slow down and not lean on the shutter release. Concentrate more on the composition instead of firing wildly and hoping luck or the Force will be with me.

I should also change the Shooting Mode from “Continuous High Speed” back to “Single Frame” because 5 fps is what got me to 5,000 so fast.

Paul Wolfowitz is a tool. 

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Seriously, could this guy be any more cluelessly evil?

Also, how did everyone’s Daimler Chrysler stock do today?

What’s 36 billion minus 7 billion?

Ah, vitriol. 

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Yeah, it’s been a while, sue me. You don’t pay, I don’t write.

Would it be going too far if I were to have a sign made that says “IF YOU <expletive> PARK IN MY <expletive> PARKING SPACE, I WILL <expletive> KILL YOU WITH A BADGER.”?

My condo association, who, by the way, is a bunch of ass-monkeys who couldn’t find their collective asses if they went to google.com and typed “Where is my ass” and hit SEARCH, still hasn’t rebuilt my garage that burned down so I have ONE parking spot. ONE. Which just reminds me I’m single.

Which state rocks by the way.

Then, if my day wasn’t insanely annoying as it stood, I get home to find I’ve left the TV on, which normally isn’t a problem, except that I’d left it on Spike and Ultimate Fighting was on. I fugging hate Ultimate Fighting. So I’m putting my stuff down and unpacking my pockets and have to listen to, “OMG! He’s bitten his kneecap off! I’ve never seen anything like this EVER!” Which can’t be true because every time I’ve accidentally seen Ultimate Fighting, someone loses a kneecap to mastication.

Ducks discover fire… 

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There was a fire in my parking garage at my condominium complex yesterday morning.

My car escaped any real damage, but the smoke was a pain to get off http://viagrasstore.net/generic-viagra/. At least it looked like a pain, the kids at the car wash were sweating trying to remove it. I tipped them well.

Things that make me happy… 

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  1. Futurama
  2. Books
  3. The music of Fatboy Slim (especially in “Everybody Needs a 303” at 4:19 when he drops into that bass line)
  4. Joss Whedon’s dialogue
  5. My Nikon
  6. Clean sheets
  7. My Powerbook
  8. Being raised on 70s rock and roll
  9. The music of Placebo
  10. Easy Mac
  11. Farscape
  12. Fixing things
  13. Mustangs
  14. Winona Ryder
  15. How everyone hates the New York Yankees
  16. A good multi-button mouse
  17. Bad weather
  18. Ketchup
  19. DVD Box sets for television female viagra canada
  20. Starbuck being a girl on the new Galactica series and how much it pisses the diehard fans of the old show

In Soviet Russia… 

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…humor laughs you.

////////////begin stolen news story////////////

PETROPAVLOVSK-KAMCHATSKY, Russia (AP) – Russian crews looped cables under an underwater antenna snaring a mini-submarine on the Pacific floor Saturday and would try to lift them closer to the surface before air ran out for seven trapped sailors, a navy spokesman said.

Capt. Igor Dygalo described the rescue effort as U.S. and British crews with robotic undersea vehicles raced to reach the site of the accident off the remote Kamchatka Peninsula in the Russian Far East.

Authorities could not say exactly how much air remained on the mini-sub, which was some 625 feet below the surface, but an admiral said Saturday the supply should last until the end of the rescue.

/////////////end stolen news story//////////////

Gotta love Russian Naval Admiralty humor.

That’s as good as Ron White’s stand-up bit where the guy on his plane asks him how far the plane can make it on one engine and Ron White tells him, “All the way to the scene of the crash!”

Open for business 

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– Channel #ryan_friends
# Channel topic: wo bist mein strudel
# Joins jane.doe (anonymous@private)

<jane.doe> i’m going to get a tatoo
<me> your funeral
<me> I mean, cool
<me> good luck with the hepatitis
<jane.doe> lol
<jane.doe> not a tat fan, huh?
<me> not my scene
<me> and I think you’re doing it as a form of self-medication
<me> did you know Tom Cruise is an asshat?
<jane.doe> LOL
<jane.doe> yes
<jane.doe> rofl
<me> silence on the reasons for getting a tat
<jane.doe> you changed the subject
<jane.doe> plus you’re probably right
<me> yeah, but you know I do that (change subjects randomly)
<me> ha! I knew it!
<jane.doe> rofl
<jane.doe> brat
<me> I’d make a terrible therapist
<me> doing victory dances when my patients had breakthroughs
<me> “Who’s your therapist!?”

There’s an IRC channel in my brain… 

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– Channel #ryan
# Channel topic: la la la la la la la fa la la la fa
# Joins inquisitor (subconscious@brain.ryan)
<inquisitor> Why don’t you update this more often?
<me> Sunspots.
<inquisitor> No, really, why?
I was abducted by aliens.
<me> Tom Cruise stole my Prozac.
<inquisitor> Why would he do that?
<me> Because I love to point out to people that Days of Thunder is Top Gun in a car, on a racetrack.
<inquisitor> Nah, there’sdifferences…who’s the Goose character?
<me> The Goose and Iceman characters became an amalgam as the character of Rowdy Burns.
<inquisitor> You need help.
<me> Now you ask where Cary Elwes’s character, Russ Wheeler, fits in Top Gun.
<inquisitor> Pretend I did.
<me> Russ Wheeler is the Soviet Union.
<inquisitor> Okay, that’s a stretch…
<me> Tom rides a motorcycle in both movies. He’s traumatized by an flat-spin/career-ending race wreck and at the pivotal point of both movies, has to fly/drive thought the turbulence/smoke and is in both cases, victorious and hailed as a hero. A really short hero.
<inquisitor> Why don’t you do something productive with your time?
<me> I am, the Stargate premier is just starting. Go away now.
*** inquisitor has been kicked by me ( No questions during Stargate )

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